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Blog #154: Unforgettable Moments

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Unforgettable Homecoming – Photo from

This week’s photographs come to us from an unlikely source, You can tell from their skewered humor and their lack of boundaries.

Incidentally, we need to list a warning for the 5th photograph in today’s collection. It shows an impressive set of uncovered female mammaries being held up by a toy replica of the Incredible Hulk.

Now, I have read that uncovered female mammaries are verboten on Facebook. New mothers trying to post photos of themselves nursing their newborns have had their photos arbitrarily taken down. Facebook seems to classify the female breasts as either obscene or titillating, neither of which is allowed on Facebook.

We could never in a thousand years classify those blessed female appendages which are a baby’s first source of food as obscene. And though they could easily be onomatopoeically deemed titillating, we feel sure that the ones the Hulk is holding up are too skewered to be so classified.

At any rate we present the photograph for your amusement. If you are indeed offended by uncovered female mammaries or are too young for such a sighting as deemed by political leaders of your city or state, please avoid that photo like the plague. And as for the rest of you, enjoy! §

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Oracle’s Ellison on H.P. CEO’s firing

Larry Elison, the outspoken CEO of Oracle, has a way with words, and a firm grasp on reality. In an impassioned e-mail sent to The New York Times, Mr. Ellison chided H.P.’s board for what he said was a grave mistake.

“The H.P. board just made the worst personnel decision since the idiots on the Apple board fired Steve Jobs many years ago,” Mr. Ellison wrote. “That decision nearly destroyed Apple and would have if Steve hadn’t come back and saved them.

“In losing Mark Hurd, the H.P. board failed to act in the best interest of H.P.’s employees, shareholders, customers and partners,” Mr. Ellison wrote. “The H.P. board admits that it fully investigated the sexual harassment claims against Mark and found them to be utterly false.”

The San Francisco’s Technology Blog dug further into the H.P. board’s action, and decided that the board had been looking for an excuse to rid themselves of Hurd, as he who straightened out the company’s stock value was not popular with employees of the company, or so the Chronicle’s Tech Blog reported.

Personally I have never been interested in owning HP computers, because they run the Windows operating system, which I rate far below Apple’s OS X. I do buy HP printers, and presently have one which is fully operational. These present day printers also operate as copiers and Fax machines. However, in the history of Silicon Valley, H.P. is not your ordinary company, as it too began in a garage, and it once employed the two Steves, Wozniak and Jobs, who later went on to form Apple computer. §

Playing the South Tower Game – Photo from

My Days and Nights with the Professional Left

As one who spends his day these days with my television tuned to msnbc, from Morning Joe through the Daily Rundown, the Andrea Mitchell show, and evenings with Hardball with Chris Matthews, Countdown with Keith Olberman, and ending my day with the Rachel Maddow Show, I am what could easily be labeled a “news junkie.” And the latest public freakout was held by presidential spokesman Robert Gibbs, who publicly railed about what he termed the Professional Left not giving the President the time of day.

And of course, the Professional Left has a genuine beef. In spite of the fact that it has supported the president from the very beginning, the president has usually begun each project by watering it down in hopes of getting at least a few Republicans to support it.

Of course, Republicans play along with him so as to influence the shape of the legislation as much as possible, but deep in their hearts they are absolutely convinced that the best way for the GOP to regain majorities in the House and Senate is to refuse to cooperate with the Dems no matter what. And talk about your lock step, Republicans are nothing if not disciplined. In the Senate the most GOP that he has been able to get to cross over the line are the two female Senators from Maine, and on one or two occasions, the Massachusetts Senator who replaced the long serving Ted Kennedy, Senator Brown.

And so instead of railing against the administration’s true enemies, the Republican minority which is trying to trash its every accomplishment, Gibbs turns on the Professional Left. ‘Tis true the ProLeft has criticized the administration when it came up short of expectations, but they would be quick to point out, they are coming from the same page, reading from the same playbook. At least until the administration waters one of the projects down to the point where the Professional Left can’t recognize it any more.

At which point they just might have to raise a voice or two in criticism. §

We’re not really serious with this one, but it sure looks awesome, don’t it? Wouldn’t we love to be high on what that baby is high on. However, being a baby, chances are he was simply high on life. Photo from, where else? –

Watching the Country Turn on the Presidents Projects

We’re still reeling from polls showing the country turning against President Obama’s policies, on the war, on the economy, on the direction the country is going, you name it, the polls indicate that the voters are turning against it. The only good element of the polls is that Republicans are in deeper doo doo than are the Dems.

At least the Democrats have been active, doing every thing they can to turn the economy around. They saved Chrysler and General Motors, both of which nearly went belly up a year ago, and both of which were saved as President Obama gave each short term loans and instructions to make their product more relevant. Republicans and dog eat dog libertarians screamed to high heaven, in their idea a pure capitalist society would let such troubled companies go under. But if Obama had done that the ever profitable Ford would have probably gone under too as the parts suppliers which supply all three would have probably been forced to shut down.

The most ludicrous aspect of the current situation is the idea that the Republicans, who ran our economy into the ditch in the first place by giving the wealthy a pass go on taxes, and then starting two wars, and finally giving seniors much needed help with prescription drugs without either properly funding it, or at least negotiating lower prices from the drug companies. And these same Republicans have done nothing but obstruct since Obama has come into office, and yet they seem to be favored by the so-called professional political pundits on TV.

Are the American people really that stupid, that they would reward the party that has done nothing over the party that is breaking their testicles trying to pull the country out of the ditch Bush and his GOP cohorts drove us into. If this is true I for one see no reason to go on living in this country. It will be interesting to see what really happens come November. Are these TV Pundits speaking from knowledge, or talking through their hats.

Stay tuned. §

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Blues Brother in Relief

Image from

Looking Back in Awe

Two weeks ago we presented a slightly rewritten version of our Blog #4, Nothing Can Stop the Army Air Corps. I have since decided to troll some of my early blogs, to liberate the writing, for even though it is theoretically possible to access those early blogs, when you try to access them your computer more often than not it times out. There are simply too many blogs to allow easy access.

For this week’s flashback we went all the way back to Blog #1. What follows are my first writings for my blog. After an introductory paragraph we recited a true anecdote from my radio announcing days. How many people do you know who have talked to the mute Marx Brother, Harpo Marx, on the telephone. Well, I for one have. Read on for our very first blogging words.


It occurs to me that I have been selfishly living in my own little world, having not near enough to do with family and/or friends. It's not that I am hopelessly selfish, although that's probably a good part of it. But time races by, and I'll not be here forever, and there really are things I should remember and share with my family and friends. And so I am beginning what I hope will be a weekly blog, at first at least without the web and consequently a log with no b in front of it. If I can write a weekly fantasy for mrdouble I should be able to write down some of my reminiscences, and as number one son Daniel pointed out some time back, I owe it to all to do it. Particularly to grandchildren, Cedar and Sol.


I think I would like to start my reminiscences with a tale from my radio days. At one point I was working for a sports oriented station called KATL, and one Saturday afternoon I was the only person at the station and was preparing to get a feed from Lee Hedrick, our sports announcer who was preparing to broadcast a Harlem Globetrotter's game from Hoffeinz Pavilion, a well known Houston basketball pavilion.

All of a sudden the phone rang and when I picked it up the voice on the other end identified himself as Harpo Marx. Harpo, you might remember, was the mute Marx brother. He never said a word in their films and stage shows. I wasn’t thinking clearly, I should have made him do his characteristic honk to authenticate himself. However he must be used to people not believing he can talk since he had gone to great lengths to keep his illusion of muteness in his stage and screen personas. However, he soon managed to convince me of his true identity, pointing out that he and Chico were playing an engagement at the Shamrock Hotel, and reading about the game in the morning paper made him think of putting a call into the station that was broadcasting the game. He had an interesting proposition for the producers of the Globetrotters game. Harpo volunteered himself and Chico for a free halftime show if they would let them in to watch the game.

I got Lee Hedrick on the phone from the stadium, and had him relay Harpo’s proposition to the management there. Hedrick hung up to pursue the matter with the producers. A couple of minutes later Lee was back on the phone with word that the game was totally sold out, there was not even standing room, but if Harpo and Chico would agree to watch the game from the lighting booth up in the rafters they could come on down. I relayed the message to Harpo and he squealed with delight.

From the overwhelming laughter at halftime I could only guess that Harpo and Chico gave the Globe Trotters one helluva halftime show. Unfortunately this was radio, television was in its beginnings, but was a ways down the road. And Lee had prepared recorded material for halftime, and so there was no way I could have seen the show or even gotten a description of what was going on in that halftime show that I had a small part in making happen.

Incidentally, Harpo sounded not unlike brother Chico on the telephone, but he would never spoil the illusion of muteness he had created by saying a word on stage or on camera, no matter how much money he was offered to do so.

For me his segments always were a welcome interlude in Marx Brothers movies, for his comedy was completely visual, and it contrasted well with Groucho’s verbal routines, and Harpo always ended up playing the harp, moments which for me were the definite high points of the Marx Brothers movies. In fact, thanks to Harpo I formed a lifelong fondness for music played on the harp, a fondness I developed long before that afternoon I happened to talk to Harpo on the telephone. §

The Hulk’s Heaviest Load – Photo from

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And so a breathless and exhausted HULK brings us to the end of yet another Little Eddy Blog. Next Friday will bring a return visit to the doctors, and on next Saturday’s upload we will hopefully have some indication of the medication and treatment for my white corpuscle uprising, which thankfully is not cml, popularly known as leukemia.

What we will have in next week’s blog is more of the same, new gems laced with golden oldies. We hope you will find your way back anytime next week, we post on Saturday mornings, and keep our post up for an entire week, until the following Saturday reels in our new one.

Anyway, this week’s tape is all played out. Hopefully we’ll see you again. Meantime don’t take any wooden Republicans, though I’m not sure there’s any other kind. Bye now.

The Real Little Eddy §

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